Banks continue to struggle in the Retail Mortgage Business. Profitability and Capital requirements are making Banks rethink the size of their mortgage operations. Smaller complimentary operations are probably the future banking norm. When banks see the retail mortgage business as a declining sector, new graduates, growing population, and a strong economy would suggest the opposite. IMO, Home Ownership is the American Dream and the cornerstone to America! I say it’s a surging industry and our sales would support my belief. GO America!!!! Read More Here.

Dig deeper or Dig through the noise.  Be Bold, Dig for the best You and the best Family You!

I am not a big fan of canned quotes; however, this popped up and it resonated with me.  It conveys a belief of mine and was the focal point of several conversations I had last week.  I believe people should have the opportunity to grow their career and earnings each day they work rather than remaining status quo for years and decades due to complacency.  “Without better soil, you will become pot bound and never growth no matter what you may be told.  Great Talent Deserves Great Media to Grow.”  Cal Haupt

Talented People Deserve Great Media to Grow