Claude Marshall

Mortgage Loan Originator

Embarking on a career in mortgage lending was ignited by a profound realization for Claude: the dichotomy between simply purchasing a house and truly establishing a home, a sentiment deeply entrenched in the timeless essence of homeownership across generations. Since Claude’s inception into the industry in 1973, his unwavering passion has been to profoundly influence the lives of his clients. Throughout his eleven-year tenure with Southeast Mortgage, Claude has borne witness to transformative moments, such as facilitating the realization of homeownership for a single mother with modest means and a credit score of 400. Through tireless efforts to overcome her credit hurdles, Claude secured FHA pre-approval within a remarkable 90-day period, enabling her to acquire a home valued at $180,000.

This pivotal milestone not only granted her son access to superior educational opportunities, but also unlocked invaluable tax benefits. Fast-forward eleven years, and the reverberations of Claude’s relational approach are unmistakable: her son stands as a college graduate in Engineering, she has ascended in her career to become a Registered Nurse, and the initial investment in her home has yielded substantial returns. As Claude embarks on the journey of securing financing for his dream home, valued at $450,000, it is evident that his steadfast dedication to fostering genuine connections continues to chart the course of his clients’ lives. Are you ready to take the next step towards realizing your dream of owning a home? Contact Claude Marshall today!

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