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David Jacobs – Trust and Integrity Matter – “SEM Gets it Done”

David Jacobs – Trust and Integrity Matter – “SEM Gets it Done”

David Jacobs came to Southeast Mortgage three years ago after a client told him how great their experience was at Southeast Mortgage. During our initial conversation with David, we found he had other needs. Trust and Follow Through.

Apparently David experienced internal competition for accounts and empty promises.
Southeast Mortgage always works as a TEAM / Village towards a common mutually beneficial goal.

“The diversity of our 32 Shareholders (Owners of Southeast Mortgage & Current Employees) is the compass that keeps fairness in the forefront for all our teammates. With 56% of our owners women and 44% men, we have a balanced perspective on life and work. Our Maternity leave is twice as long as others in our industry and we are the only mortgage company in our markets providing a path to ownership for employees. Ambition, Skill, and Loyalty has no ceiling at Southeast Mortgage.

I truly wish more people in this industry would ask more questions about who owns their company. Ask, is there a path to retirement for all instead of a few members?”
Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

At Southeast Mortgage, we work as a Village supporting our Account Managers to ensure we do a great job for their partners and clients. We WIN together not at the expense of another.

SEM does not promise the world nor do we embellish what we can deliver. TRUST and INTEGRITY are our guiding principles. If we tell you we will do it, we get it done.

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