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Imitation Reinforces Southeast Mortgage is Effective

Imitation Reinforces Southeast Mortgage is Effective

Imitation Reinforces Southeast Mortgage is EffectiveI truly get excited when competitors copy or mock what we do.  We have always chased the horizon with a mindful eye on sustainability and benefit to our Shareholders.  Every day we find a new island as we voyage forward using innovative and effective tools.

SEM Innovations & Difference:
> 20001- Internal Appraisal Management
> CRM – Image based highly customized art that creates new applications for MLOs at no charge.  Also, capable of targeting market opportunity daily.
> Social Based relationship development (Social MAX Offices)
> Employee Stock Ownership Programs (Not an ESOP! ESOPs cash out an existing Owner)
> Media Studio in house with Partner Image services
> Video based awareness media with proprietary outreach programs
> Powerful Social Media Presence – Simply Drives Traffic & Sales to our Partners
> Life / Work Balance Corporate Center
> Best in Class Builder / Realtor support proven to increase Partner Sales
> Employees that Retire comfortably – who retired from your company?

Lately I have seen videos with our Green Screen Studio, Better Camera Work than the Selfie from a car, Professional Editing, Southeast signage, Announcing a CRM (SEM started its CRM in 2003), Mobile Applications, etc.  Imitation is Flattery.

The problem with Imitation is you have to be able to execute the cool stuff into a monetization strategy.  Its similar to those announcing the next new loan program that they may close one this year.  Its better for your Employees and Owners to focus on better delivery of the 99% of the products you actually sell.

One person alone cannot and has never achieved more than a village with belief and passion to be the best

Imitation reinforces our leadership in innovation and ability to disrupt the status quo.  As long as I can remember, the Mortgage Industry in Georgia has been primarily non-risk taking followers that tend to only do what the pack is doing.  The 2008-2009 Implode List filled up quickly due to this herd mentality.

I have found this is a dynamic industry.  You have to steer daily and innovate monthly to stay fresh and relevant.  If you do it well, MLOs, Partners, and Clients all benefit.  The scenery is always better from the front of the pack.

You have to work with those that have attained the success you want.  Look at your manager’s lifestyle?  Have they attained the success you strive for?  Are they moving from company to company?  If not, how can they show you the way if they can’t find sustainable success?  Since 1993, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.  25 years of Innovation and Success.

The front of the pack is a better view!  Make your move !

If your company is always talking about Southeast Mortgage, come visit us and learn why.  If your “LLC or Family Owned Company” is not prepared to share ownership or equity, there is a path to ownership at SEM.


Imitation May Be The Sincerest Form of Flattery but It's Not A Good Business Plan
Imitation May Be The Sincerest Form of Flattery but It’s Not A Good Business Plan
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