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Inflation: Your $1 matters, treat it wisely.

Inflation: Your $1 matters, treat it wisely.

The equivalent of $1 in 1963 is $7.79 in 2018.  If you saved your $100 in cash under your mattress in 1963, you would $12.84 of relative cash left.

If you invested $1 a day every day since 1963, you would have $842,416.

Owning a home is an inflation friendly activity.  Unlike cash that deteriorates due to inflation, home values rise.  With QE1, QE2, QE3 monetary policy since the last financial crisis, inflation should be in the forefront of your personal financial plan.

In today’s economic environment, holding cash is no longer king.  A large cushion for the unexpected is always prudent; however, the QE waves heading our way has created an interesting portfolio consideration.

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