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“The First Time in My career” – Inside Perspective

“The First Time in My career” – Inside Perspective

Our Partners and Clients want Great Service, Competent Advice, and Real Added Value. Our Happy, Empowered, and Collaborative TEAM delivers.

25th Anniversary Logo Final-01How does a 25-year Old “Employee / Shareholder Owned Common Stock Corporation”

prosper through Two Recessions with the Highest Average Employee Tenure? Culture, TEAM Spirit, Fairness, Unlimited Skill Based Opportunity.

Knowing you matter, knowing you can make a difference, knowing your family time is important, and knowing you are on a team that you can own is a powerful formula for longevity of the TEAM and Empowerment of the American Dream!

Katie is a smart motivated mortgage professional who remained loyal to her prior employer for many years. She only knew one mortgage origination sales group that moved from one out of state parent company to another. We were very fortunate that her friend put Katie in touch with us due to the family sacrifice she had to make at her prior employer. We only needed an hour to learn what a smart, caring, and creative person Katie was. We knew she was a great fit and our Work / Life balance culture was the right thing for her family. I had to share her email to Kathy and the Department Heads. It’s a candid view from inside Southeast Mortgage.

From: Katie Dickens
Date: August 21, 2018 at 9:01:28 PM EDT
To: Kathy Gyselinck, Chief Operating Officer, and SEM Department Heads
Subject: Thank You

I was driving home tonight with a million things in my head and one moment in today popped out at me and it was our time in Kathy’s office today.

I want each of you to know that today is the first time in my career that an incredible group of women were in a room together and sharing a positive purpose and movement towards shared goals.

So often in business and in life women work against each other instead of collaborating and being truly joyful with one another. I know I haven’t been around long but I am so grateful already to be surrounded by like-minded and kind women in business and I just felt led to say that out loud to each of you.

Thank you for welcoming me and making me feel like I’ve been around for a long time and for showing me what a team looks like.


PS…that cake was ridiculously good!!

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