Vernon Chandler

Vice President | Executive Mortgage Loan Originator

Vernon, a seasoned mortgage professional with 26 years of industry experience, is your dedicated guide on the journey to homeownership. His story begins with a pivotal moment when his mentor Vance McGhee provided invaluable insight during his first home purchase. Since then, Vernon has been committed to forging genuine connections with buyers like you, driven by the joy he witnesses when clients realize the attainability of owning a home. His dedication goes beyond numbers; it’s about empowering individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their homeownership goals. Specializing in FHA, VA, and Conventional loans, Vernon tailor’s solutions to fit each client’s unique needs. He stays ahead in the ever-evolving mortgage landscape by immersing himself in daily industry podcasts and news sources.

Vernon prioritizes genuine human connection, initiating the journey with personal conversations to deeply understand your goals. While he utilizes email and text for communication, he believes in the intimacy of phone consultations. Beyond mortgages, Vernon is a music enthusiast who finds joy in playing the drums and attending live events. However, his true passion lies in serving families and maintaining his standing as a top loan officer. Rooted in servant leadership, Vernon is here to guide and support you on your path to homeownership. With certifications from the Capstone Institute of Mortgage and a sincere commitment to making a difference, he invites you to take the first step toward realizing your dreams. Together with Vernon, your dream home awaits!

NMLS #218446, AL #71841, GA #26986, SC #MLO-218446
Office: (770) 279-0222, Ext. 469
Cell: (678) 907-6970
Fax: (770) 239-6463

A Little More About Me

Let’s dig a little deeper. I am someone who cares about each individual I work with. Whether you are a future client or looking to build a new partnership, my goal is to build lasting relationships. When you’re working with me, you’re trusting someone who has your best interest at heart.