J.D. Crowe


J.D. Crowe, President

Hello, I’m J.D. Crowe, President here at Southeast Mortgage. My career in the mortgage banking industry began in 1998 after serving 6 years as an officer in the US Army. As I was leaving the Army, I was planning on staying in the logistics field. I traveled to Atlanta for a final interview but was surprisingly convinced by a good friend who worked in the mortgage business to work with him and learn about the industry. He gave me three cassette tapes to listen to that described the type of person that thrived in mortgage sales – a person that had both the ability to relate to people and sell and also have an analytical side who can pay close attention to detail. I was immediately intrigued as this sounded like the perfect fit for my skills.

Fast forward to April of 2010, when I made the decision to join Southeast Mortgage. Initially my goals and directives were to originate mortgages, start a branch and develop a sales team. I quickly took on other tasks and began working company level projects to assist in the growth of the entire organization.

My current position as President of Southeast Mortgage is to grow revenue by leading our sales team and attracting additional referral partners and individuals as well as maximizing profitability by executing a dynamic capital markets strategy. Southeast has provided me life experiences that I would not have had otherwise. The incredible people I work with are not just work associates, we are friends.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy being with my family and friends. I am currently pursuing a passion for wine. The entire experience of researching, collecting, evaluating and enjoying great wine is exhilarating. I am also involved in many charities. Two that I hold dear are Open Hands Overflowing Hearts (OHOH) – a non-profit organization founded by the daughter of my childhood best friend who is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer; and The Seed Company – a division of Wycliffe Bible Translators who leverages technology and local, in country leadership to reduce the amount of time and money needed to translate the bible.

NMLS #200373, AL #50932, FL #LO7722, GA #28592, SC #MLO-200373, NC #I-182100

“I want to be a leader worth following, a husband worth loving and a father worth respecting. If I am even remotely successful, then I will be a friend worth having.”

J.D. Crowe, President

A Little More About Me

I am extremely passionate about this industry. I love helping people make incredibly impactful decisions that affect their lives in a positive way. I have the opportunity to do that with clients and with our team on every level and I love thinking collaboratively to coach leaders and to help those who are hungry to learn and grow.