Shaun Graham

Executive Vice President

Hello, I’m Shaun Graham, Executive Vice President here at Southeast Mortgage. Over the last 18 years in the mortgage industry, I would say the greatest skill I have developed is my people skills. It seems like a simple skill to develop, but it really is not. I enjoy the art of competition and I am an ultra-competitive guy. I also consider myself a true Mans Man whom relates entirely too many scenarios back to sports. The mortgage industry has allowed me to foster my competitive personality as well as make a difference in the community I reside.

My Southeast Mortgage career started in the call center, where I worked under the direct guidance of John Young. John who also works at Southeast Mortgage made a significant difference in my advancement in mortgages as well as with the company. Eventually, I was promoted to Senior Mortgage Loan Originator (Sr. MLO), which was a huge accomplishment at that time. This was not a title just handed out, it was actually earned after several years of work. Nowadays, Originators start at this level straight out of training. It didn’t take long for my dedication and drive to be recognized as I was soon asked to be Branch Manager of one of our offices. Within a few years I was promoted to Vice President, then quickly to Senior Vice President. Currently my role here at Southeast includes mentoring, business development, social media management and finding creative ways to drive revenue.

Personally, my biggest accomplishment to date was finally believing in myself rather than listening to what others thought was best for me. I know this may not be the accomplishment you are interested in, but having the ability to survive the recession when others were telling me to give up, would be an accomplishment for anyone. While most gave up and ran for an easier path of resistance, I stood tall, put my head down and worked my way through that time period. If I had to do it again, I would choose the same path because it taught me invaluable lessons that can only be learned going through the fire.

When I’m not in the office I am with my family, doing everything possible to live a life that my kids would be proud to say “that’s my dad!” When I’m not with my family or at work I can promise you that I have my sneakers laced up and a basketball in my hands.

NMLS #200557, GA MLO #27309, SC MLO #200557

“Work as if someone is looking to put you out of business, because they are.”

Shaun Graham, Executive Vice President

A Little More About Me

From a former call center legend to an Executive Vice President, my life has drastically changed because of the skills I developed along the way, as well as the many people whom have poured into me along this journey. You can call me “Do Boy.” Because when I am asked to DO something, I will get it done.