Renea Turner

Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Hi there, I’m Renea Turner, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Southeast Mortgage. I started at Southeast Mortgage in 2010 as the Comptroller and was then promoted to CFO. I handle everything from managing the Accounting department on a day to day basis, annual recertifications with GSEs, monthly and quarterly reporting to executives and other shareholders on the position of the company.

Prior to working with Southeast Mortgage I graduated from the University of Georgia, the J.M. Toll School of Accounting. I’ve worked in many different industries including construction, hotel management where I also received my CPA certification in one try, which I am very proud of.

“The people who have had the most influence on me have been my parents. They helped me become the strong person I am today.”

Renea Turner, Chief Financial Officer

A Little More About Me

I am extremely passionate about this industry. I love helping people make incredibly impactful decisions that affect their lives in a positive way. I have the opportunity to do that with clients and with our team on every level and I love thinking collaboratively to coach leaders and to help those who are hungry to learn and grow.